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Improved Chlorine Testing from Lovibond®


Posted: Thursday 25th June 2009

How do you make sure that the internationally recognised DPD method is used to best effect to measure chlorine levels in water? While the DPD method itself has proven its reliability, as a reagent it is inherently unstable. So over the years different ways of packaging the reagent have been developed to try to overcome this instability.

The advantage of tablet reagents over other packaging methods has been long acknowledged in the UK. Shelf life is up to ten years, and the foil packaging ensures that the reagent stays fresh until opened by the user. A tablet also ensures that just the right amount of the reagent is added to the water sample - not too much and not too little.

Now Lovibond®, manufacturers of DPD tablet reagents for over 20 years, has introduced an improvement to the tablet packaging. One slight drawback of the conventional foil strip is that it is not as easy to add the tablet to the water sample as a liquid reagent. The operator needs to tear open the foil and then edge the tablet into the sample without touching it. If the tablet is touched, or placed on the palm of the hand, it can adversely affect the pH or contaminate the sample, and then introduce inaccuracy into the test result.

The new packaging uses a blister type of foil – preserving the long shelf life, but adding the advantage of much easier handling, as well as a smaller overall foil size. Now all the operator has to do is position the blister over the sample and push the tablet into the water – simply, easily and effectively – avoiding any risk of touching the tablet surface. The integrity of the test is preserved and time is saved.

For a free sample of this new packaging for DPD Chlorine testing contact our UK sales team on 01980 664800 or email us:

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