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Hydrok innovate process treatment with Biotextil Cleartec

Posted: Friday 25th June 2010

Hydrok UK Wastewater Process division have successfully completed initial trials of their new HY-SAF package wastewater treatment plant incorporating the Biotextil Cleartec® fixed film media and the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP® high efficiency air diffusers.

Following the success of many Biotextil Cleartec® installations throughout Europe, Hydrok’s new innovation in package treatment plant incorporates a Cleartec IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) system within the plant. This, combined with suspended biomass, creates a hybrid package SAF (Submerged Aeration Filter).

Hydrok represent Cleartec as sole distributors for the Biotextil Cleartec® within the UK and Eire and specify this unique IFAS system within new and existing Activated Sludge Plants (ASP) to increase treatment capacity and reduce construction costs through the addition of fixed film biomass, the development of the HY-SAF comes as a direct result of this ongoing success.

The trial HY-SAF plant at Wessex Waters Overstratton WwTW has been in operation for the past 9 months resulting in a series of successful results for BOD and Suspended Solids removal; Hydrok appreciate the on going assistance from Wessex Water who are presently enabling the relocation of the HY-SAF plant to Crewkerne WwTW in order to expand the trial programme and incorporate ammonia removal and long term stress testing.

The Hydrok HY-SAF will provide a new innovative solution compared to the traditional package SAF units currently available on the market. The HY-SAF is designed to remove the need for de-sludging from the plant, maintaining all solids in suspension to be passed on for later settlement. The Biotextil Cleartec provides a fixed film media which, unlike the traditional block or random media, does not retain sludge and dead biomass which can reduce the effective surface area and treatment efficiency.

Dave Armstrong, Director for Hydrok said, “Hydrok took time to understand previous problems with the traditional SAF technologies available and have specifically designed the new HY-SAF plant to eliminate these and to provide an adaptable plant for either permanent or temporary treatment, for new build or emergency treatment during maintenance periods. The match of the Aquaconsult fine bubble diffusers to the Biotextil Cleartec® provides an ideal system for excellent performance and an energy efficient treatment plant.”

The simplicity of media removal and access to the aeration system removes previous maintenance problems and offers advantage over the traditional package SAF units. Each HY-SAF is constructed with a stainless steel media cage holding the Biotextil Cleartec® and diffusers which can be lifted directly from the HY-SAF for inspection by simply disconnecting the air supply pipe work.

Biotextil Cleartec® provides a unique innovative IFAS system which may be expanded and applied to any size ASP to add to the treatment process by the addition of biomass growth area. Hydrok, Aquaconsult and Cleartec have worked closely together combining expertise and technologies to produce a treatment solution which may deliver significant savings in capital cost and energy savings of up to 30%. Dave Armstrong goes on to say “These innovations are becoming increasingly important to our customers where budgetary restrictions and efficiency gains will be required in order to meet the demands of AMP5. Hydrok have developed this complete treatment process packaged to offer significant efficiency gains and reductions in plant running costs through careful consideration of the total system design and supply.”

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