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Hydrok add the Microdyn Nadir MBR to their Wastewater Treatment product portfolio

Posted: Tuesday 27th March 2012

Hydrok in association with Setfords Consultants have secured the rights for the UKdistribution of the Microdyn Nadir BIO-CEL Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR's) to add to their portfolio of Wastewater Treatment Processes.

Microdyn Nadir have over 40 years experience working on the development of membrane products for different applications with numerous reference sites across Europe in both Industrial and Municipal treatment. All MBR’s are produced at their state of the art manufacturing facility based in Wiesbaden, Germany - with full installation carried out in the UK by the Hydrok engineering teams.

The MBR process is a combination of a classic activated sludge biological treatment system operating at high mixed liquor solids levels coupled with membrane filtration. The membrane filtration system, using the unique Microdyn Nadir BIO-CEL modules removes the need for final settlement tanks, as the ultrafiltration membrane acts as a barrier to the sludge and solid particles, allowing mainly clean water to pass through. The result is a very compact system, making it an ideal solution where space is limited. MBR’s are also capable of producing a very high quality treatment, making them ideal for water reuse applications

David Setford commented “I am particularly attracted to Microdyn Nadir’s BIO-CEL MBR process for two important reasons – firstly, their impressive track record across Europe, and secondly, and just as importantly, they re-invest a large proportion of their profits into product development and improvements. This will ensure that Microdyn Nadir will remain at the cutting edge of MBR technology for years to come, as demand grows rapidly with more and more customers requiring ultra-high quality treatment for discharge into sensitive waters, or for water re-use.”

Hydrok/Microdyn Nadir Membrane Bioreactors operate at far higher mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations than conventional activated sludge systems, typically between 8,000 to 10,000 mg/l. The elevated biomass concentration provides very effective removal of both soluble and particulate biodegradable materials at higher loading rates. The resulting increased sludge retention times ensures complete nitrification even in extremely cold weather.

Mike Foote, MD of Hydrok commented “we are delighted to be partners with Microdyn Nadir in the UK - this technology complements, and adds further to our growing range of wastewater treatment solutions. The additional financial benefit of the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (allowing tax relief to be brought forward on qualifying investments, etc.) makes MBR solutions an even more viable and cost effective solution than ever before”.

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