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Hydrok add Mecana TERTIARY FILTRATION to their product portfolio

Posted: Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Hydrok, in association with Mecana Umwelttechnik GmbH, a Swiss based company with 45 years of experience in treatment of wastewater, are delighted to introduced Pile Cloth Media Filters (PCMF a unique filtration technology developed and patented by Mecana.

The key feature that keeps the pile cloth media filter technology ahead of all others is its filtration material, a fabric that is carefully engineered for quality, durability, and performance. It is a unique long pile type material that allows filtered solids to be stored in the whole depth of the material and therefore provides consistent removal of very fine particulate matter. It is a real filtration process in which solids removal efficiencies are very high and similar to those of conventional sand filters, and very much better than Micro-screens. Additionally the pile cloth media filters are capable of handling very high influent solid concentrations unlike many other alternative solutions.

Mecana offers two different types of cloth: a standard pile fabric (100% polyamide) and a microfibre pile fabric (100% polyester). The cloth choice depends on the application and the required outlet quality. Microfibre fabric, by being woven from finer and denser fibres, is capable of retaining smaller particles and therefore producing higher effluent quality.

Pile Cloth Media Filter in a 6-disc configuration

The filtration process is kept simple:

· Outside of the pile cloth media to the inside filtration

· Prolonged cloth lifespan

· Unlike Micro-strainers the Media is not blocked by larger solids

· Backwashing, initiates automatically

· Continuous filtering operation, uninterrupted during the backwash process

· Low maintenance with automatic control

· Require no chemicals for cleaning the cloths

· Low power consumption

· Low overall headloss

The main scope of applications is tertiary and secondary filtration; however wastewater reuse, removal of powdered activated carbon particles (used for micropollutants removal), phosphorous reduction, road drainage and various industrial applications are also among Mecana’s proven applications.

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