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Hydro VoyagerTM: a low-cost, portable solution for pure water supply

Posted: Wednesday 16th October 2013

The miniaturisation of water filtration systems has passed a new milestone with the launch of Hydro VoyagerTM. The new product, which includes filtering, reverse osmosis and uv disinfection to produce potable water from almost any source, is fully self-contained and fits on top of a small trailer.

One of the cruellest ironies of flood disasters is that in the midst of acres of water-locked land, there is often a lack of safe, clean water to drink. Hence the anomalous scenes following the Tewkesbury flood when bottled water was trucked in to help Gloucestershire businesses and residents who were without drinking water for 17 days.

The newly-launched Hydro VoyagerTM provides a cost effective solution in such situations. Sitting on a small trailer capable of being pulled by a 4x4 vehicle, the Hydro VoyagerTM runs off a small generator, also situated on the trailer, making the unit fully self-contained and portable.

The unit was developed by David Jukes of Potable Water Solutions, drawing on his experience in installing desalination plants in countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya and the Caribbean. “The aim was to make the system portable and affordable,” he explained. “The main challenge proved to be sourcing parts which were sufficiently small to create a unit which would fit on a small trailer.”

A submersible pump draws the water from any available water source, including ponds, rivers, flood or sea water. It passes through filtration units, including carbon polishing, which removes particulates to 1 micron, reverse osmosis membranes and uv disinfection.

Potable Water Solutions has employed water consultancy, Rainbow Water Systems, to take samples and arrange analysis through a certified national laboratory. The results indicate successful eradication of bacteria including e coli, clostridium and legionella.

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