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HWM Launches Next Generation Intelligent Ultrasonic Level & Flow Sensor

Posted: Monday 12th November 2012

HWM has launched the SonicSens 2 ultrasonic level and flow sensor, which builds on the success of its predecessor with enhanced functionality, ease of use and extended remote telemetry options. The versatile, battery-powered device is ideal for remotely monitoring open channels, combined sewer overflows, storage tank levels, storm drains and flood warning systems.

One major benefit of ultrasonic measurement is that it is non-contact: this means it is non-contaminating and requires little to no maintenance. This, combined with versatile telemetry options, robust construction and long battery life make SonicSens 2 well suited to “fit and forget” operations in hard to access locations. Once installed, it will continue to function as programmed without the need for local access, maintenance or interaction.

The system is supplied with user-friendly PC-based software that significantly speeds and eases the installation and setup process. Integrated level to flow conversion software enables the operator to easily configure the device to measure flow rates by selecting from a preset list of channel types and simply entering the dimensions.

The intelligent sensor features adjustable range settings, a variable dead band or blanking distance, self-diagnostics and an alarm condition in the event of echo loss. Intrinsically safe and ATEX versions are available for use in potentially hazardous environments, and a second channel capability (digital or analogue) allows for additional temperature, pressure (depth) or flow logging via an external device.

The SonicSens 2 includes both the intelligent ultrasonic sensor and a Multilog LX telemetry data logger, which transmits the data via SMS or low cost GPRS. Two-way connectivity enables the unit to be reprogrammed remotely without the need for expensive and time-consuming site visits - really improving convenience and cost-efficiency for hard to access locations.

New alarm conditions such as rate-of-rise have been added, which can now trigger an alert to up to sixteen specified telephone numbers. When an alarm condition is activated, SonicSens 2 can provide accelerated dial-in functionality, which allows data to become rapidly available during these events. This will ensure that operators have detailed information with which to quickly assess the situation and promptly respond to changing levels.

HWM has used specifically-designed low-power electronics for the SonicSens 2 to give it a five year battery life expectancy, which is particularly useful when flow or level sensing is required in remote, hard to reach locations. A low cost extended battery pack is also available to maintain this five year battery life even when the device is transmitting data every 15 minutes.

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