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HWM Adds New Alarm Response and Remote Access Features to Wireless Dataloggers

Posted: Friday 19th April 2013

HWM has recently introduced innovative improvements to its MultiLog and LX telemetry data loggers that offer new benefits to users, particularly with regard to remote maintenance, programming and alarm response. Once installed, the devices do not need to be physically accessed again for up to 5 years, but can still have settings changed and software updated through their integrated telemetry.

The two-way communication feature enables customers to update and upgrade their dataloggers remotely. This removes the requirement for expensive and time consuming site visits, and effectively makes the loggers “future proof” by ensuring that customers receive the immediate benefit of any new functionality.

In addition to remote upgrading, users can now reprogram the settings on their HWM loggers from any internet enabled device, again removing the need to physically extract the logger from the ground to do so. Alarm trigger points and reporting intervals can now be changed from the comfort of the home or office, which enables the user to always have the most appropriate settings without spending time or money visiting the installation.

HWM has also introduced an innovative accelerated dial-in feature that responds to an alarm condition. When an alarm is triggered, the logger automatically begins to transmit data more frequently to enable a more detailed analysis of the situation. Alerts can be sent to up 16 specified telephone numbers, which enables prompt and effective action to be taken. This intelligent alarm response can be particularly useful when, for example, the logger is connected to a SonicSens ultrasonic level measurement device over an open channel or sewer overflow. As levels rise above the alarm threshold, the increased data transmission rate will assist the response team in monitoring the rate of increase and potential flood risk during the incident. When the level falls below the alarm trigger threshold, the logger automatically returns to its normal dial-in parameters, as set by the user.

HWM data loggers already play an important role in monitoring the environment and identifying wastage in order to minimise negative environmental impact. By enabling users to upgrade firmware and change settings “over the air” instead of having to drive to the site, and by providing accelerated monitoring in response to alarms, the equipment is now more environmentally friendly than ever before.

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