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High performance anchorage system saves time, money and emissions

Posted: Saturday 22nd November 2014

All pressure pipelines are subject to thrust forces whenever they change direction and particularly at bends, tees, blank ends and valves. It is at these points that some form of restraint is essential.

Traditionally, for spigot socket pipelines, this anchorage is provided by concrete thrust blocks. However, not only can these be challenging to install where space is limited and the surrounding soil unstable, they also raise environmental concerns.

The use of thrust blocks means that large quantities of concrete must be manufactured and transported and similar quantities of soil correctly disposed of, with a considerable cost and environmental impact.

A better solution

In an industry where there are increased pressures not only to reduce costs but also to provide sustainable and innovative solutions, Saint-Gobain PAM UK has developed the pioneering Universal joint.

A high performance self-anchorage system, the Universal Joint is quick and easy to install, saving time and labour costs and considerably reducing CO2 emissions, making concrete thrust blocks a thing of the past.

It has a double-chambered socket design, with the same sealing chamber and gasket of the standard anchoring joint. The second chamber provides anchorage by employing either an anchor ring or a weld bead and locking ring.

This flexible joint allows for ground movement and is available for water and sewer pipes with diameters up to DN1200, depending on the application. Compliant with European Standards EN545 and EN598 it means customers can choose from a selection of high-specification products guaranteed to meet the most stringent industry requirements.

In today’s competitive market, the Universal high performance self-anchoring system is the easiest way to provide reliable anchorage.

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