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Posted: Friday 25th May 2012

RainWater Harvesting Ltd, the leader in its field, has just launched the latest version of its successful Rain Director®.

The Rain Director®, the rainwater management system for the control of rainwater around the home and garden, is a sophisticated gravity-feed system comprising a smart header tank, a pump and programmable control valve unit. It’s the only rainwater management system approved by the water companies’ certification body WRAS.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd has invested heavily in development and tooling for the latest stylish injection-moulded evolution of the product. The design features a hinged opening cover with press- click fastener, a hinged rainwater solenoid for withdrawing the built-in mesh filter as well as plug-and-play electrical connections to the header tank.

The Rain Director® rainwater management system directs the flow of rainwater from the underground storage tank to a header tank in the roof space. Electronic level sensors in the header tank control the valves in the programmable control panel. This provides a constant head or pressure of water to toilets, washing machine or where ever the water is needed.

This advanced Rain Director® system has a number of advantages over other direct and indirect feed systems. The pump is only activated to refill the header tank when this is empty rather than every time water is drawn. Pump activity is reduced to the minimum, cutting electricity costs and prolonging pump life. In fact, the pump’s electrical use is less than 1p per person per day.

The Rain Director® provides a constant flow of rainwater under gravity at any time, including during power cuts. Automatic mains backup is provided and the system can also be manually switched to mains, if rainwater is to be conserved for garden rather than house use during a drought. The system’s auto-flush function detects when the occupant is away from home, for example on holiday, and refreshes the header tank to avoid rainwater there going stale.

On first fitting, the Rain Director® ’s set-up mode lets the control unit memorise the header tank size and flow rate of the mains and rainwater inflow. This enables the time-out periods and operating water levels to be set.

The Rain Director® rainwater management system has clearly improved the green credentials of rainwater harvesting with its reduced pump activity. There are now three Rain Director® models in the range. The RD-01 is for domestic and garden use; the RD-02 is the domestic super-eco and features an electrically switched pump using even less electricity; the RD-03, the Rain Director® Plus is for larger buildings and commercial applications.

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