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Hanson Formpave Saves Money and Water For ‘Green’ Homeowners

Posted: Thursday 24th January 2008

Aquaflow Water Harvesting System Targets Domestic Sector.

Hanson Formpave, manufacturers of specialist concrete paving products, has announced that its flagship Aquaflow™ Water Harvesting System is now available for domestic applications. This unique water harvesting system means that homeowners can save a massive 50% on water usage from the mains system, reduce bills dramatically and have a supply of recycled water for watering the garden, and car washing even, in the event of a hosepipe ban.

Advancements in technology and experience gained from Aquaflow’s dominance in the commercial sector, means that Hanson Formpave is now able to offer this system as an affordable and effective way to reuse and recycle water for residential applications.

Rainwater can be captured from all impermeable surfaces such as roofs, paths and the driveway and is cleaned by the Inbitex geotextile layer before being stored in a sub-base. The unique sub-base then cleans pollutants from run-off creating safe pH neutral water that can be utilised for secondary uses such as, watering the garden and washing the car, where it even recycles the water used to wash cars on the driveway.

Commenting on the domestic use of Aquaflow, Steve Spikes, development director at Hanson Formpave said, “Living in an environmentally considerate way is increasingly important to a lot of home owners and being able to recycle and reuse rainwater is a great way to implement a ‘greener way of living’. When developing the system for this market, it was really important to make sure that it was affordable and efficient with a compelling ROI that is acceptable to the consumer market.”

Recycle and Reuse Water at Home

The system involves linking the roofs and paths through the Aquaflow permeable pavement (the drive) and into the void sub-base. The rainfall (run-off) is stored within this ‘reservoir’ area with all surplus being discharged into a sump. The sump contains a pump, which will allow the harvested water to be dispensed via a tap and hosepipe. Even during times of heavy rainfall, this system works efficiently and has the added advantage of operating as a floodwater control method.

There are significant benefits to customers who install the Aquaflow Water Harvesting System - it is affordable to install, reduces the mains water consumption of the household and cuts the cost in water bills. Another advantage is that the system can deliver water for use even when there is a hosepipe ban, as the tank operates as a subterranean water butt. With a wide choice in colours and finishes also available in the range, an excellent selection of paving solutions is available for the domestic sector.

“We have been offering this water harvesting system for 12 years commercially and our clients have been extremely happy with the result and the environmental benefits they have gained from using Aquaflow. Now that we can offer the latest technology in permeable paving to the domestic sector, homeowners can benefit from this too,” concluded Steve.

An Aquaflow Water Harvesting System brochure has recently been published detailing all of the information relating to Aquaflow use and can be downloaded at

Other company news sees Hanson Formpave joining the Interpave Association to share industry knowledge and expertise for further development in this field.

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