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GSSI Highlights Profiler™ EMP-400 Conductivity Meter for Geological and Environmental Assessment

Posted: Monday 7th December 2015

GSSI announces the availability of its Profiler™ EMP-400 multi-frequency electromagnetic (EM) conductivity meter for use in geological investigation, site assessment, ground water investigation, and other environmental assessment applications.

With a user-friendly design and unmatched signal stability, this powerful electromagnetic induction tool allows for reliable and accurate examination of soil conditions and subsurface targets on both small and large scale sites.

“The GSSI Profiler EMP-400 is a valuable tool that provides our clients with more efficient and comprehensive geophysical surveys. We have been impressed with its simplicity to deploy in the field and the data it outputs to create an easy to understand sub-surface image of our geophysical survey areas,” said Fletcher S. Thompson of E.F. Thompson Geotechnologies, Inc.

Featuring a lightweight, environmentally sealed EM instrument and handheld interface with integrated GPS, GSSI’s Profiler offers users premium mobility and ease of transport. Advanced software features offer the user several options to view the data in real time, thereby enhancing survey efficiency. For instance, the “freeway” collection mode allows the user to collect data by using GPS coordinates as reference points rather than setting up a physical grid on the ground. The Profiler then provides real-time data output via a color-coded map, which enables the user to quickly and easily identify areas of interest on site. Additionally, the Profiler stores files in a Microsoft Excel format in internal memory for later access.

The Profiler EMP-400 is commonly used in concert with GSSI’s UtilityScanÒ GPR system, an industry leader in environmental assessment. The Profiler EMP-400 provides a fast and effective survey method for large-scale environmental assessments, such as UST and drum locating, plume mapping and landfill delineation. Users can employ the Profiler as a quick reconnaissance level survey tool to narrow down areas of interest on large survey sites, and then use the UtilityScan GPR system to concentrate on anomalies. Additionally, GSSI offers unlimited, free training for 2 years, free lifetime support, and a 2 year warranty with the Profiler product.

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