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Posted: Wednesday 19th November 2008

Energy savings, especially in the current economic climate are high on the agenda of all industry sectors, so components which offer, amongst other features, a precise and economical performance, are likely to be the preferred choice. Deltaflow flow meters recently introduced by FLOWLINE, meet these requirements for measuring media in gas, steam and liquid applications.

Deltaflow is a differential pressure probe which measures the flow in pipes and conduits and can be used to meter gases, steams and liquids under almost any operating conditions and across a broad spectrum of industries.

For example, in power plants Deltaflow meters all gaseous media reliably and precisely, including feed air, preheated air, recycled stack gas and flue gas. In addition, it can meter media with extremely high particulate contents of <200g/m3, (when used with the LSP air purifier attachment), live steam, low / medium-pressure steam and feed water, all tested per PED97/23/EG with CE certification.

The meters can also be used in chemical and petrochem industries for metering products, exhaust or flue gasses, inert or aggressive media. Deltaflow is also ideal for measuring biogases and sewage gasses in the water and wastewater treatment industries.

In power plant applications, such as metering steam or feed water, the energy savings realised from using Deltaflow can ensure a rapid payback.

With Deltaflow exact measurements are possible of combustion exhausts from boilers and burnout slagging, therefore efficiency levels can be adjusted for optimum performance. Furthermore, because pressure loss levels are so low, pumps, blowers and compressors with narrower profiles can be used which results in energy savings.

In chemical and petrochem applications Deltaflow’s high degree of precision and accuracy (better than 1% of measured flow) can contribute toward increased quality of performance and product. This also applies in challenging applications as Deltaflow can be supplied in materials which resist especially corrosive or high temperature media. Finally, because Deltaflow is not sensitive to condensation or contamination, it is an ideal metering tool for measuring sewage gasses and thanks to it’s stability in long-term use, it is particularly suitable for metering air flow.

The Deltaflow Series can be used on pipe diameters from 3mm up to 15,000mm and pressure ranges can span between 0 to100 bar, up to 0 to 690 bar. Turndown is >1:30, bi-directional, temperature range from -200 to 1240ºC and is available with options and accessories such as integrated pressure and temperature sensors, weather-proof casing for harsh outdoor applications.

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