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FROG leaps into the New Year

Posted: Friday 13th March 2009

FROG is Isodaq Technology’s new IP68 GPRS telemetry logger. Requiring no secondary enclosure, it’s easily installed inside 100mm tubes or strapped onto poles/piezometers. FROG is the ideal low cost outstation for generating alarms for heavy rainfall, river/urban flooding, water distribution bursts, pollution and landfill leachate control.

Isodaq Technology is the Products Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd. Our track record of developing state-of-the-art telemetry monitoring solutions includes the technology behind IETG’s market-leading Hawkeye2 CSO level alarm monitor; with nearly 3000 installations in UK water companies. Long-term framework supply contracts are held with environmental regulators (including the Environment Agency) where Isodaq products are used for groundwater and river monitoring applications including flood warning.

FROG is the first of the Isodaq range to fully implement GPRS communications protocols in a battery-powered device. There is a choice of internal alkaline or long-life lithium batteries (both field replaceable) plus charging capability from renewable energy. Input configurations are provided for flow meters, tipping-bucket raingauges, analogue pressure sensors and multi-channel smart-sensors supporting the SDI-12 protocol.

Coinciding with the launch of FROG, Isodaq will release a GPRS compatible version of the data hosting website. This enables data to be collected from small or large networks of Isodaq telemetry loggers automatically using GPRS protocols without the need for clients to maintain IT/communications infrastructure for telemetry. With the new version of timeview, users can manage alarms, SMS/email message forwarding and change the set-up of a remote outstation without visiting the site; ideal for reducing costs and simplifying the operation and maintenance of telemetry networks.

For further information, please contact Mrs Ruth Andrews on 01885 485858 or email

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