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Fluidwell Launches N-Series Batch Controllers

Posted: Monday 17th March 2014

DIN sized panel mount with full numerical keypad.

Fluidwell launches the new N410 as a first product in an exciting new line: The N Series is a series of panel mount batch controllers. It comes with a full numerical keypad, which adds to its already high level of simplicity and user-friendliness. With a unique and crystal clear modern LCD display, it provides multiple batch control data simultaneously at a glance, including a graphical indication of the batch process and the relay status. The bright backlight is standard, ensuring perfect readings day and night. The new Fluidwell N-Series takes batch controlling to a new level.

User-friendly redefined

“The greatest advantage of this new panel mount batch controller is its versatility”, says Eric Rath, General Manager of the Fluidwell Group in The Netherlands. “The combination of the full numerical keypad and the clear, user-friendly display in a compact size, makes this new N-Series very attractive to our customers. Several OEMs are already using it to complete their systems, with great satisfaction to them and their own customers. Now we launch this Fluidwell version for all others.”

Save time, hassle and cost

Fluidwell users already appreciate the simple, logical menu-driven structure of both the D- and F-Series, with alphanumerical descriptions of settings instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. It saves significant time and cost in installation and programming, especially with the numerical keypad. “Of course we designed the N-Series menu structure, following the same pattern of our other series. Those familiar with a D- or F-Series product, can therefore also program and install N-Series products without the use of a manual or hiring technical experts. Know one, know them all, that is how it is.”, Eric adds.

Fluidwell Group

The Fluidwell Group is located in Veghel, The Netherlands, and is known worldwide for its instrumentation in the field of signal processing, actuation and recording of virtually everything measurable. Fluidwell designs and manufactures a wide range of flow computers, indicators, totalizers, transmitters, monitors and controllers (Fluidwell Displays) and high-tech process sensor instrumentation (Fluidwell Instruments) and provides remote monitoring solutions for the (process) industry (ProcessMonitor).

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