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Fluidwell Instruments launches the Guidense

Posted: Friday 21st November 2014

Continuous Guided Level Radar with point level detection.

Fluidwell Instruments launches the Guidense, a robust guided wave radar (GWR) for continuous level measurement and point level detection in liquids and solids. The Guidense TDR100 is equipped with an active analog and a digital control output. As all Fluidwell products, the Guidense is very easy to install and user-friendly to configure. It can be used with any of theF-SeriesandD-Serieslevel indicators and controllers.

Within the Guidense family a Smart sensor is also available! Together with theM844 Data Acquisition and Communication ModulefromProcessMonitor, you can easily read, modify, store and analyze all process parameters from anyplace, anywhere, anytime using a web browser.

Best price-performance ratio in the market!

“The Guidense is your first and best choice when it comes to reliable level measurement. ”, says Ronald Zijdel, Product Manager of Fluidwell Instruments in the Netherlands. “The Guidense guided wave radar is the multi-applicable alternative for traditional measurement principles like ultrasonic, capacitive, conductive and pressure level measurements. The Guidense is not affected by changing process variables, such as density, conductivity, viscosity, temperature, pressure, vapor and dielectric constant. We offer the Guidense for an attractive price of € 849,-. Combined with the user-friendly features below, for sure the best price-performance ratio in the market!”

Guidense feature overview

Very easy to install!

Mechanical installation has almost no restrictions and can be done easily. Due to its relatively small G¾" process connection thread, the Guidense can be mounted at nearly any existing tank nozzle by screwing it directly into a standard threaded tank connection. “Configuration of the TDR100 isn't any harder. Easy configuration can be done by your own crew instead of expensive service engineers. ”, Ronald adds.

The TDR200-SMART is a plug-and-play solution with the ProcessMonitor M844 Data Acquisition and Communication Module.

Your Advantages

Accurate continuous level measurement and reliable point level detection in one device.

Reliable measurements even in changing process conditions.

Best price-performance ratio in the market.

User-friendly installation and configuration by your own technicians, saving cost on service engineers.

Highly robust measurement, innovative signal analysis and disturbance signal suppression.

Complete galvanic insulation of device electronics from its inputs/outputs and the tank potential.

Resistant to harsh environments with IP68/NEMA6P enclosure.

Explosion proof according ATEX for hazardous areas.

Applicable in nearly every type of process and storage tank application.

Fully compatible with the popular Fluidwell F-Series and D-series level indicators and controllers.

Full control with Smart Services is optional available, easily read, modify, store and analyse all process parameters from anyplace, anywhere, anytime using a web browser.

Key applications

The Guidense is suitable in almost every liquid and solids application. With an exceptional performance in media with low dielectric constant (i.e. low reflectivity) such as oils and hydrocarbons.
It is
applicable in nearly every type of process and storage tank application, it can be mounted in small tanks, tall and narrow nozzles and it measures precisely even with difficult tank geometries or close to interfering structures.
For hazardous area applications, the Guidense TDR100 is certified according ATEX II 1/2 G Ex ia/d IIC T6 Ga/Gb.
Smart level measurement with the Guidense TDR200-SMART is an extremely suitable solution for off-grid and hard to reach locations.

Probe types

To meet various application requirements, the Guidense has three different probe types: single rod probe, wire rope probe and coaxial probe.

The single rod probe is recommended for installations in liquids and in bypass chambers and stilling wells.

The wire rope probe is recommended for installations in solids, tall tanks and where limited headroom is available.

The coaxial probe is the ideal solution for a hassle-free application; ensuring reliable measurement under almost all conditions.


Due to smart industrial designing, the Guidense consists of only a few parts. Therefor a very interesting feature for an OEM regarding his stock level management. The choice for a single rod, wire rope or a coaxial probe can easily be exchanged matching the demands of an application.
Our full-service concept reliefs our OEMs all over the world. You can count on various excellent services from Fluidwell. Contact us for more information regarding our full-service OEM concept.

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