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Filter media for improved aerobic treatment

Posted: Tuesday 3rd October 2006

Five types of random filter media are available from Warden Plastics to improve aerobic treatment across the full range of applications from the largest municipal sewage treatment plant down to a garden fishpond.

The filter media are injection-moulded in polypropylene with specific design features to increase the efficiency of the biological process. In a choice of spherical and tube formats, to suit the application, the media provide excellent ventilation to speed-up the aerobic reaction and also have high voidage to prevent blocking and the resulting slowing-down of the process that might occur. The designs feature triangular fins which increase the total surface area and encourage the formation of the biological films of bacteria, protozoa and fungi which will eat and biologically break down the organic content. The edges of the fins are serrated. This enables them to interlock in the filter bed giving excellent mechanical strength.

With these purpose-designed features the media in the Warden Plastic range are an excellent alternative to traditional mineral-based media and are ideal for improved performance in new waste water treatment plants. In addition they are perfect for overcoming problems in established trickling filter beds. Polypropylene media of the relevant dimensions can replace all or part of the mineral-based media to improve system efficiency where it has become impaired by overloading.

The five types of random filter media in the Warden Plastics range vary in dimension and surface area. The largest Biofil has a spherical design and a surface area of 120m2/m3, and is ideal for trickling filter beds in large-scale waste water treatment plants. The remaining two spherical-shaped media Bioball and Biomarble have surface areas of 210m2/m3 and 300m2/m3 respectively and would typically cater for the wide range of biological waste water treatment plants of different sizes serving new housing developments, commercial premises and single dwellings. The final two products in the range are two sizes of Biopipe tube-shaped media with internal fins designed for use in aquatic applications ranging from fish-farming pools to garden fishponds or large tanks.

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