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Posted: Monday 21st November 2016

The new ORBITOR ECO from the SPRAY NOZZLE PEOPLE is a new class of tank cleaning head. Whilst similar in design to a standard fluid powered impingement tank cleaner it has been modified to serve a different function and promises to dramatically reduce water consumption, particularly for applications with smaller tanks, or those with lighter residues.

Impingement tank cleaners have always been the most water efficient way to clean tough residues or larger tanks in most process, chemical and food industry applications. The powerful cleaning jets break down even the toughest of residues with minimal water and they remain the most cost-efficient cleaning method. However, in smaller tanks or those with light soluble residues, impingement cleaners are often regarded as an unnecessary expense. Their powerful cleaning action is not normally required in such situations and the set time to complete a cycle significantly reduces their overall water efficiency when only quick cleans are needed.

The Orbitor Eco changes all this. It's still a powerful impingement cleaner but has been specially geared to complete its cleaning cycle much faster, ranging from 1.7mins up to 6 minutes. Cycle time will depend on the specifics of the application, particularly water pressure, although the Eco is designed to operate at pressures ranging from 4 to 12 bar. The fast rotation sacrifices some of its cleaning power but it also dramatically reduces the water used per cleaning cycle and minimises downtime. When compared directly with other types of cleaning nozzles like spray balls, it can complete a similar job in far less time using up to 95% less water.

The savings in water translate directly to savings in the pocket for any business, particularly when you factor in that water actually costs a business three times. Firstly, to buy it, then to pump it, and finally to dispose of contaminated water.

How much depends on the specifics of each tank cleaning application, but it does illustrate the potential triple savings when ALL the costs are included in the calculation.

For example, if you do the maths on using 500 litres as opposed to 4000 litres to clean a tank each time (a not un-typical water saving) the return on investment for deploying a new breed fast cycle impingement cleaner like the orbitor Eco will be measured in months or weeks, rather than years.

The Orbitor Eco is one of a wide range of spray nozzles available from The Spray Nozzle People who have been supplying spray nozzles for over 15 years to the engineering, food processing, chemical and petro-chemical industries in the UK.

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