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Extensive laboratory service now available from Omex Environmental

Posted: Monday 19th November 2012

A range of high performance laboratory-based analytical services are now available from Omex Environmental Ltd, specialists in micronutrient technology.

In addition to advanced on-site technical support, Omex can provide new and existing customers with a nutrient profiling service. This is the basis for advice on how to assess the correct nutrient dosage (both amount and type) in biological treatment systems such as activated sludge and anaerobic processes. It is also a way of giving periodical checks on the health of the overall system to enable optimum performance.

Nutrient profiling services feature nitrogen, phosphorus and essential trace element analysis, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total solids and suspended solids and the microbiological assessment of activated sludge can be carried out, providing extremely useful data for the customer.

This includes, for instance, the identification of filamentous bacteria which can be used to establish the cause of an undesirable infestation. Furthermore, the identification of certain indicator organisms can detect problems and give an indication of the health of the system.

For anaerobic processes and biogas production, AMPTS (Automatic Methane Potential Test System) and essential trace element analysis are used for investigating anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Omex can predict the potential outcome of the addition of TEA (trace element additives) to a specific system to provide confidence before going to trial stage while also using AMPTS to improve formulations.

Omex lab services based at its King's Lynn laboratories also include the analysis of most elements in inorganic treatment systems using a variety of techniques, such as ICP for metals (including essential trace elements and other metals), analysis for low and high concentrations of total nitrogen (Ammonia/Urea/Nitrogen), and a variety of other chemical and photometric techniques.

Assessment of neutralisation efficiency, metals removal, and sludge reduction when using magnesium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide suspensions can also be undertaken.

Omex Environmental specialises in nutrients, anti-bulking agents and acid neutralisers for biological wastewater treatment and biogas plants. As well as pH control, the company's range of products are designed to overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment, including odour control, filamentous bulking, and COD removal.

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