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Enhanced Activated Sludge Systems with new FlooBed®MBBR

Posted: Thursday 3rd December 2009

A new MBBR that can significantly increase the capacity of an existing activated sludge system and improve the removal of harmful nitrogen from wastewater has been launched by Eimco Water Technologies.

Able to tolerate far higher variations in flow and water quality than conventional methods, the new FlooBed® Bioreactor (a Suspended Carrier Biofilm Process) allows microbes to grow as biofilm on the surface of the freely moving carriers. The Carrier elements are designed with a large surface area and a structure that is optimized to protect the biofilm from abrasion. By allowing a large amount of biomass inside, the reactor size can be kept to a minimum, making large savings on civils costs.

Ultra-reliable, very easy to operate and offering a high level of efficiency, FlooBed does not require the backwashes typically associated with conventional biofilm processes, which burn up large amounts of energy, as well interfering with the functionality of the operation.

FlooBed® MBBR can be designed to solely take care of the wastewater treatment/purification or it can be made to operate with an activated sludge process. In providing low and stable loading to the activated sludge process, including during peak loads, Eimco Water Technologies’ FlooBed® MBBR produces a high quality effluent that consistently and comfortably meets discharge consent.
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