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Energy saving innovation by Flo-Dyne Limited now gains wide-spread acceptance, effectively becoming the industry standard.

Posted: Monday 11th August 2008

With more than 25 years experience in the surge alleviation business Flo-Dyne engineers have recently pioneered a new approach to frost protection which not only provides direct cost savings to the contractor but also reduced operational costs and energy savings for the end-user/client.

Surge alleviation systems protect pipelines from transient pressures associated with problematic pumping conditions in water distribution and transmission lines. They are part of a passive system comprising a pressure vessel partially filled with the process fluid and pressurised with compressed air; associated level measurement and magnetic switches to provide the controlling function through a local microprocessor control panel.

Depending on the pumping conditions and pipe configuration, surge vessels range in size from less than1.0m3 to over 200m3. Vessels, particularly those of larger size, are frequently sited outside and subject to ambient atmospheric conditions. Most locations in the UK dictate that frost protection is required, not just for the liquid level gauge but also for the vessel itself. In the past, frost protection entailed trace heating and lagging protected with suitable cladding. The concept of low-powered immersion heaters has been long established; however the features inherent in a Flo-Dyne sheath-type heater had not been previously exploited.

The advantages include;

This Flo-Dyne innovation is now recognised throughout the water industry and accepted as the norm when designing Surge Alleviation Systems]]

If you want engineering excellence incorporated in all aspects of your next surge system, Flo-Dyne Limited is ready for your call

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