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Elevating SuDS design to new heights

Posted: Wednesday 4th November 2015

Elevator - Stormwater attenuation that bridges the gap and raises the standard.

Designing and installing attenuation tanks has proved a problematic for the construction market for a number of years. All types of attenuation system have their merits but they all have their drawbacks too.

Geocellular systems have proved very popular in the last 10 years however they are not generally adopted by utility companies as they cannot be readily inspected or maintained. This leaves a lasting and costly legacy for developers as they have the headache of maintaining these systems long into the future. In addition to this these systems have design limitations in terms of loading and installation depth which can increase construction dig cost and limit design options due to structural cover requirements.

Whilst precast systems overcome the issues of access , maintenance and design strength they are generally more expensive and require long lead in times and heavy lifting equipment to install, both of which cause on site issues, not least with health and safety. To some extent this argument can also be levied at large diameter pipe systems too.

Stormwater Elevator bridges the gap between these systems and overcomes the issues related to access and maintenance, structural integrity, and life expectancy. As an innovative permanent plastic former system it is used to create an in-situ cast concrete attenuation and stormwater storage tank without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Its patented design offers engineers and contractors an alternative and cost effective way of achieving a strong concrete void up to 2.5m deep and to any plan size.

Stormwater Elevator is manufactured from a lightweight recyclable plastic making it easy to handle and quick to install which avoids the need for on-site heavy lifting equipment and helps to improve site safety, a major consideration on modern construction sites.

The modular system can be adapted to suit site requirements allowing any custom configuration to be easily and quickly formed.

Stormwater Elevator creates a high load bearing capacity structure which is suitable for use in landscaped and vehicular trafficked areas. The open internal structure of the Stormwater Elevator offers completely free and easy access for the inspection and maintenance of the system. The design of the system also removes the potential for silt build up or blockage which could affect the long-term functionality of a stormwater storage system.

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