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Electrodes To Find Heavy Metal Threats

Posted: Monday 27th July 2009

New Portable Testing Kit from Palintest Ltd.

The SA1100 from specialist testing company Palintest Ltd. uses a unique system to greatly simplify the heavy metal testing process. Years of research have resulted in the development of a disposable electrode which can quickly and accurately detect the presence and concentration of potentially harmful heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium in a variety of sample types.

Left-over or leaked deposits of these substances are known to be toxic, and can be a serious 'hidden' hazard; over the years legislation has been progressively introduced to combat the threat. The new technology developed by Palintest means that thorough testing can be carried out on-site and in very little time less than 60 seconds for most samples, and only 3 minutes even for drinking water. Lead can be tested for in paint, dust, air and soil; both lead and copper in drinking water; and cadmium and lead in ceramic leachates.

The testing process is very simple for the whole range of test parameters, with on-screen prompts and a menu-driven program displayed on the LCD. Once the sample has been prepared with a conditioning tablet, a calibrated, disposable sensor is inserted into the instrument and then immersed in the test sample. The majority of tests are then completed in less than 1 minute, varying with the type of application. As well as instant display of results, up to 500 are stored in the unit's memory and can be downloaded to a PC via a waterproof USB connection. Normal operation is powered by 4 AA batteries for easy and efficient portability.

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