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Posted: Friday 18th December 2009

The Proteus series produces up to 7200 m3/d (~1.9 MGD) of treated water for industrial and municipal customers globally. The versatile design means multiple treatment options and the integrated automation achieve greater efficiency and greater quality with lower water usage.

Ecolutia Services has expanded its range of mobile water treatment solutions for industrial and municipal customers, with the release of its Proteus series. This family of multi-media based solutions provide pre-treatment or direct treatment to seawater, brackish water or permeate water for a large array of applications. Treatment solutions include the supply of potable water for municipal use, softened water for low pressure boilers and ultrapure water for use globally in sectors including power generation, oil & gas and semi-conductor industries.

Constructed in-house, incorporating the latest design philosophy and technologies, customers benefit from a robust solution based on over two decades of operational experience. Automated technologies ensure a constant optimised system performance at a lower cost of operation by reducing the need for permanent on-site cover. Additionally, the security of treated water supply is maintained through the use of wireless remote monitoring and data logging technologies which can provide real-time information to enable remote troubleshooting and maintenance.

The Proteus solutions are available as four-vessel mobile containerised systems achieving flow rates up to 7200 m3/d (~1.9 MGD) or as mobile skid mounted single vessels for flow rates up to 1800 m3/d (~475,00GPD). The four-vessel system can achieve a product water quality output of <0.1 µS/cm; <5ppb silica; and <5 ppb dissolved oxygen, based on the application and feed water quality. Systems can be dispatched globally within a few hours of a service request and if the project site is ready to receive the system can produce be treating water for customers on the day of arrival.

The Proteus series can be used as modular blocks in series or parallel to increase product water quality or volume. The versatile design permits rapid deployment on short term, emergency or long term project to provide softening, filtration, demineralisation, condensate polishing and de-oxygenation, as well as specialist loadings for more complex treatments. The light weight of the series allows preloading of media prior to dispatch, saving customers time and expense of waiting for the media to arrive and be loaded. A ‘Regen-In-Place’ skid is available for on-site regeneration to avoid expensive costs of sending the media to a regeneration facility usually located at some considerable distance.

At the launch, Ken Schmidt, CEO, Ecolutia Services commented, “The Proteus provides a reliable and secure source of water for customers. The range of treatments available combined with higher flow rates of product water mean this is a desirable solution to resolve critical water difficulties. Aging infrastructure and seasonal variations in feed water can be overcome with a single Proteus system or as an integrated solution. Maximising limited resources and a vastly increased product water output mean costs are reduced; just what the market is looking for in challenging times.”

Ecolutia Services operates the world’s newest and most efficient fleet of mobile water and wastewater solutions for on-site treatment to overcome any critical water difficulty. In addition to the Proteus series, the fleet includes advanced mobile seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis systems and electro-deionisation systems. The variety of treatment options available from Ecolutia Services means customers can use the fleet as a backup support service to remain operational during an outage of their water treatment plant or whenever it encounters difficulty. Additionally, with energy consumption for seawater desalination amongst the lowest of any mobile water treatment fleet globally customers not only benefit from lower costs of operation but also have a smaller environmental footprint.

Juan Francisco Díez de la Lastra, Technical Director, Ecolutia Services commented, “By utilising the combined knowledge and experience of our team, from the last 20 years, customers can be assured they will get the right product solutions to meet their needs. The fleet is built to be reliable, durable and automated, with the latest technological apparatus to maximise efficiency, productivity and reduce manpower requirements.”

The global increase in demand for water is at the heart of the updated cleantech products from Ecolutia Services and its sustainable approach to water treatment. Customers can benefit from the cleantech solutions to drought-proof supplies, reuse water, recover and treat wastewater, while using products with greater productivity, greater efficiency, lower logistical costs and lower energy consumption.

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