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EasiDrive Provides a Practical and Safe Solution to Portable Valve Actuation across all Water Applications

Posted: Monday 13th May 2013

Managing water and waste water plants is a complex operation where safety and efficiency are key considerations for water operatives. Smith Flow Control’s EasiDrive is a portable valve actuator that allows effective and secure valve operation across all water applications, without the need for permanent dedicated valve actuators.

EasiDrive is a practical and cost efficient solution that supports the operation of multiple valves across the water network. It is effective on valves that are infrequently used and those that are difficult to operate, providing the user with absolute control when working different size valves with varying torque requirements.

SFC’s EasiDrive system protects personnel by preventing injury and operator fatigue as movement is fully controlled by the EasiDrive tool. It provides complete protection from the ‘kick’ typically associated with other torque devices through its specialist proven reaction device; the operator experiences no jolt effect when using this system. The reaction device provides ease of operation to fully open and or close a valve and is uniquely designed to offer total safety and security, despite the number of turns required to operate.

EasiDrive also features a variable output torque, controlled by a choice of limited pre-set Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) packs, which prevents excessive torque being applied and ensures proper and safe operation, even in situations where operatives are under pressure to respond quickly. One operator can effectively operate multiple valves with a single tool providing great cost saving potential.

SFC’s EasiDrive provides a lightweight, portable and practical solution, enabling key personnel to operate valves with ease and provides an efficient method of portable valve actuation.

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