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Drainwave™ -The brainwave for water-efficient plumbing

Posted: Wednesday 9th May 2012

A remarkable new domestic drainage product, designed to help ease the UK's growing water shortage, is seeing rapid uptake by architects and the construction industry after setting a new benchmark for waste water management.

The Drainwave™, originally an Australian product, is available throughout the UK through Burdens' depot network. Since it’s launch at Ecobuild 2011, the product has gone from strength to strength; winning a number of prestigious awards and increasingly being specified by architects.

The system uses waste 'grey' water from baths, basins and items like dishwashers and washing machines, to boost the flow of water flushing modern eco-friendly loos.

As well as carrying waste as much as 40 metres from the property in which it is installed, Drainwave™ addresses an important conservation issue. Virtually all water used in UK households is expensively treated to drinking water standards – even if it is only used to flush the loo or water the garden.

The industry recognises that the current process is costly and wasteful.

Households using the Drainwave™ system, which permits the re-use of water to supplement the lavatory flush, are helping preserve the planet's resources.

In modern properties the angle at which flushed waste water is carried away is often too shallow to be efficient. Drainwave™ overcomes that problem by boosting water volumes, ensuring a freer flow and reducing the risk of blockages and flooding that can trigger expensive insurance claims.

Chris Briginshaw, Marketing Director of Burdens, said: “Modern lavatories flush as little as three litres of water through the pipes, which often just isn't enough.

“Drainwave stores grey water – gathered from wash basins, showers and baths, for example - until around 10 litres has been collected, and then releases it in a single surge which helps ensure a free flow through the pipes.” he added.

"It only has one moving part - a simple tipping mechanism - so maintenance isn't a problem.”

The patented device has been sailed through an assessment by the Water Research Council, which recognises Drainwave's value, and has also been awarded the Waterwise Marque for quality.

Andrew Best of architects Buro Happold commented: “The Drainwave™ is a remarkably unglamorous product destined to spend its life buried below the ground, but it offers a very ingenious and simple solution to avoiding problems of blocked drains.”

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director of Waterwise commented: “ Like many innovations the Drainwave™ is a simple yet ingenious product that solves the common problem of domestic drain and sewer blockage without the need for jetting or flushing.

"As such it saves water, time and money."

The Drainwave™ is available in the UK through Burdens' national depot network. For further details and to find your local Burdens visit

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