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Posted: Monday 17th August 2009

FP McCann Ltd has announced the launch of Easi-Base after securing Water Research Council (WRc) approval for its innovative pre-fabricated manhole base unit.

The precast system incorporating a fully integrated, water-tight polypropylene liner is set to replace the outdated labour intensive method of in-situ manhole base construction and with an 80 year guarantee, provides the client with the security and knowledge that he is working with the manufacturer’s tried and tested confidence in a solution to waste water management.

Easi-Base addresses a long-standing problem associated with traditional methods of manhole construction. Labour intensive, in-situ practices typically involve the following:-

This operation more often than not occurs in a deep water-logged pit, requiring trench supports to protect up to two or three people during the laborious construction process.

Poor site practices combined with inclement weather conditions often lead to short and longer term integrity failures including the concrete base formation and also in connections between the channel and the concrete. The consequences of resultant leaks are two fold; groundwater being contaminated with polluting raw sewerage and clean groundwater infiltrating the already over-loaded raw sewerage system of pipelines and treatment plants.

Installation of the Easi-Base system is quick and efficient and with site Health and Safety of paramount importance, the pre-formed base and channels significantly reduces the number of visits and time spent in the manhole during construction.

Easi-Base is placed on a formation comprising compacted granular material. A 1% preformed fall in the channel exits towards the outlet as clearly indicated. Pipe connection is made simple as benching is already pre-fabricated and connection bells are cast into the base for the specific pipe in use, thus allowing the ground worker to simply push the pipe into the base via the sealed connector. A watertight seal is instantly achieved. Conventional methods of constructing the manhole above the base are then followed with precast concrete rings placed on top of the Easi-Base.

The benefits and advantages of using the Easi-Base system are numerous. Key to its success is the following:-

  • An extremely fast, efficient and economical method of constructing manhole bases on site.
  • Significant Health and Safety benefits.
  • An immediate watertight structure allowing for other trades to instantly follow on.
  • Factory pre-fabrication provides quality of channelling and benching and enables accurate combinations and variations for entry/exit pipes.
  • Maintenance of channels and benches aided by clean access for inspection
  • Environmental benefits include both a reduction in excavated materials and imported ready mixed concrete.
  • A Guaranteed system.

Easi-Base is manufactured under licence by FP McCann in the UK and the polypropylene liner which is covered by a European patent, is supplied by German company, PREDL Gmbh. The product has been launched on the back of the DN1200 polypropylene lined system, but the Company also has WRc approval for an unlined concrete benched product and benching lined with glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in internal diameter sizes 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. (A 2100mm product is in development)

The Easi-Base system has already been utilised on a number of high profile contracts including;

Hampton Haygate, Peterborough – Client; Anglian Water; Ground works contractor GKL Group Ltd.

Pegswood Housing Estate, Morpeth, Northumberland – Client; Northumberland County Council (Environmental Services).

Project Lima, Bradford - Main Contractor; Buckingham Group

On the use of Easi-Base on the Morpeth housing scheme, David Dent, Highways Development Control Engineer commented, “The Easi–Base system is a unique and innovative development in manhole construction. The ability to get the manhole base quickly installed without the need for concrete benching and the required protection from the weather is a real benefit. We are confident that Easi-Base will give us long-term performance and efficiency in the management of waste water from this site”.

References – Water Research Council (WRc Approval Ref: UC7911/15012-0. January 2009).

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