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Dissolved Ozone Monitor Enables Compliant Measurement of Pure Water in Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted: Thursday 24th July 2008

Analytical Technology Inc. (ATi) announces that its Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor enables continuous on-line monitoring and control of ozone systems in the pharmaceutical industry. The Q45H/64 Monitor from ATi helps pharmaceutical organizations to achieve compliance with regulatory frameworks in the UK and internationally.

Ozone is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the disinfection of pharmaceutical grade water, which is present in process systems such as washers, autoclaves or secondary water purification systems. US Pharmacopeia regulations dictate that pharmaceutical grade water must be validated to demonstrate that it meets certain requirements for ionic and organic chemical purity and must be protected from microbial contamination. Ozone is used for microbial disinfection purposes during the sanitisation of pharmaceutical grade water production in order to disinfect the water network prior to distillation. It is essential to measure the levels of dissolved ozone at various points in the process to ensure that adequate ozone concentrations are present during sanitisation and to ensure that there is no residual ozone at the point of use.

ATi has developed the Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor in order to provide reliable and accurate on-line monitoring and control of ozone systems. The Q45H/64 monitor has been designed and proven to meet a variety of applications and is capable of measuring dissolved ozone concentrations as low as 0-200ppb full scale down to 5ppb. While providing the sensitivity needed for demanding applications such as pharmaceutical grade water or semiconductor wash water, this technique can also accommodate high-range applications requiring 0-20 or 0-200ppm.

One important feature of the Q45H/64 is that it can be calibrated using a fully traceable, International Ozone Association approved method. Using a colorimeter and indigo dye reagents it is possible for users to carry out on site, in-situ calibrations.

Unlike traditional on-line colorimetric and most amperometric methods, the innovative Q45H/64 Monitor uses a highly selective, membrane-covered polarographic sensor that does not require the addition of chemical reagents. Dissolved ozone readings are easily achieved without measurement interference from other sample components such as residual chlorine. The need for maintenance is greatly reduced as the technology does not require the use of moving parts, meaning that there are no tubing breaks or pumps and motors that burn out. The technology has been designed with the flexibility to enable optional dual measurement capability and provides both dissolved ozone and pH analogue outputs.

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