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Posted: Monday 30th June 2014

A recent Department of Health’s Estate and Facilities alert has highlighted that some tank manufacturers have utilised hollow tubes to support the lids in sectional cold water storage tanks. These supports which are held in position by internal bracings can create stagnant water which may allow biofilm and slime growth. This contaminated water can harbour micro-organisms such as Legionella and Pseudomas.

In recent years sectional tank manufacturers have strived to be more and more competitive with many reducing the integrity of their panels and relying increasingly on stay rods and internal supports.

However, there are alternatives as John Lockley from Precolor Sales Limited explains, “best practice in tank design is to cut down any surface area where bacteria can attach itself and to limit the crevices that you get with jointed panels. Precolor’s solution is simple, our sectional tanks are made from panels strong enough to take the hydrostatic pressure, without the use of internal braces or supports. Better still we are not governed to specific panel sizes for example, a 3000m long tank by other manufacturers may be made by bolting three, one metre panels together, each joint creating a crevice and the potential for leakage. At Precolor we would assess the access and could make one panel three metres long, therefore, creating less joints and better still, less crevices. Another far better solution is to plan ahead when building and install a one piece tank instead of a sectional.”

Precolor offer a one piece tank range starting from 45 litres right through to a staggering 97,500 litres. These tanks are fully WRAS Approved and are produced by hand at their manufacturing facilities based in Shropshire and have no joints, crevices, braces or internal supports and come with a 10 year warranty. The tanks can also be made of resins suitable to hold not only cold water, but also chemicals and hot water up to 120°c.

Should we be coming to the conclusion that we need to consider installing one piece tanks as a necessary alternative to sectional tanks to avoid preventable contamination?

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