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CPSA launches Calculator App to support specification decisions for pipeline systems

Posted: Tuesday 15th November 2016

To help users decide on the most efficient buried pipeline solution the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA) has updated two of its key online tools: the Structural Design Calculator and the Material Cost Calculator. The Association has also introduced a downloadable web App, to enable users to replicate the online calculators on portable devices.

The changes to the online calculators have been introduced to further simplify the calculation process and to improve the user experience.

The CPSA's Structural Design Calculator simplifies pipeline design calculations based on the recommendations in the standard BS EN 1295-1 Structural design of buried pipelines under various conditions of loading. The Calculator takes into account external design loads, pipe crushing strength and bedding factors to offer advice on the type of bedding to use.

The recent updates now enable the Structural Design Calculator to automatically select the factor of safety used in the calculations for various sizes of concrete pipe, as described in British Standard BS 9295: 2010. In addition, the results table produced by the Structural Design Calculator can now be exported to a pdf file, an Excel file and to the CPSA's Material Cost Calculator.

The Material Cost Calculator was developed by the CPSA to help users estimate the material costs for concrete pipe installations using different bedding designs and to compare these with plastic pipes. The calculation includes the cost of bedding, disposal of excavated material and that of the pipes and fittings themselves.

The updates to the Material Cost Calculator gives clients, designers and installers the option of entering their own values for the bulk density of excavated material and granular backfill, or they can simply use the pre-set default values. In addition, further data has been added to the results table to illustrate how the calculations are put together, for example it includes a value for the depth of initial granular backfill above the crown of the pipe for Class S installations. As with the Structural Design Calculator, the on-screen results can now be exported to pdf and Excel files.

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