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Cost effective future proofing for ‘smart water meter’ reading

Posted: Wednesday 29th October 2014

As with other utilities such as electricity and gas, eventually all water connections to both domestic and business properties will be required to have a water meter.

The Code for Sustainable Homes offers up to 7.5 points if average water consumption can be reduced to an average of 80 litres per day per person, based on predicted consumption, it therefore follows that only an accessible water meter with the facility to be read regularly can deliver real time and usable information.

It therefore stands to reason that a water meter needs to be easily accessible for both the householder to read and local authorities to gain real time information. Delving around with a torch in a boundary box in the footpath is not for the faint hearted, it is time consuming and, because a boundary box is usually situated a distance from the property it serves, is susceptible to undetected leaks from the main to the property. A far easier and more cost effective system is a fully approved but simple air tight box, attached to the wall of a property, to offer a secure connection for an incoming water service.

Groundbreaker literally ticks all the boxes for cost effective new build and replacement water installations, meeting all the stringent standards laid down by the water and construction industries as being fully compliant with (and exceeding) all design criteria.

Groundbreaker is the only system that can meet “Secure by Design” criteria to be ready for the future, offering a smart meter interface for in-home readers and other systems.

Simple to install at any time during construction or indeed retrospective installations,

Groundbreaker, with its airtight seal fits neatly to the wall of new or existing buildings.

Groundbreaker also facilitates the most cost effective water connections, allowing a developer the flexibility to take water connections out of the critical path of construction, and can be installed and fully functional within just a couple of hours or less.

In conjunction with sister products INSUduct and SHalloduct, Groundbreaker offers any organisation, contractor or DIY enthusiast a quick, simple and cheap solution to the provision of new or renewed water services – e.g. lead pipe replacements.

With an integrated process designing out potential leakage (no joints in water service pipes), Groundbreaker eliminates the need for street furniture, saving on street works - making highway adoptions that much easier, and reducing installation time and whole life costs.

The system is uniquely fully approved by Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS), Water Research Centre (WRc) and KIWA the international testing house and is compliant with the recently published Water UK/HBF Joint Industry Development Committee best practice guidelines and is Water Company adopted when commissioned.

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