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The Convir MLE, Flexible but Tough

Posted: Thursday 2nd February 2006

The MLE infrared temperature sensors from Calex Electronics are designed to be used in areas that are not accessible to other temperature sensors. These two-part units have small separate sensing heads connected to their larger electronics modules by a flexible cable. This allows the heads to be used in confined spaces, where many infrared sensors cannot fit. Thanks to their ingenious design, these small heads can also move relative to their electronics modules, without interference to their readings. This allows them to be used on moving arms and machinery, to get to the areas, and take the readings that other temperature sensors cannot.

While the MLE sensing heads are small, they are also tough. A stainless steel housing sealed to IP65 gives them good protection from the rigours of use in heavy industry, and allows them to be washed down with other equipment when hygiene is important. They can also operate in elevated ambient temperatures up to 70C without the need for any additional cooling.

MLE sensors can monitor the temperature of large or small targets, at distances from a few millimetres to several meters. Virtually any non-reflective target from 20C to 500C can be measured, whether it is stationary, moving, rotating or flowing. Their accuracy is among the best in the industry, and is easily comparable to many far larger and more expensive sensors. This is also true of their quick response time, and selection of optics.

While the standard 4-20mA output available from the MLE sensors is generally considered to be the preferred choice due to the low cable cost and high noise immunity, when retro-fitting to existing equipment it can sometimes be desirable to have a wider choice outputs to match the instrumentation in place. Therefore the MLE series also offers a choice of thermocouple, voltage and millvolt outputs. So, for example, these units can be fitted as direct replacements for more traditional thermocouples.

For further information, please contact Geoff Chapman, by telephone (01525 373178/853800); fax (01525 851319) or e-mail

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