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Posted: Tuesday 13th May 2008

Combimate, the domestic scale prevention system from Cistermiser, not only eliminates hard water limescale from forming, it also protects against aggressive soft water corroding plumbing and heating systems and appliances. The active ingredient dispensed by the Combimate system is Siliphos, a tasteless, odourless material that is classed as a food grade additive. Endorsed for use by the World Health Organisation and meeting standard EN1208, it is 100% safe for drinking water as well as all domestic appliances, unlike alternatives that deposit salt into the water.

The Combimate system can be installed on horizontal or vertical mains water pipework to protect either a whole house supply or single appliance installations and has an auto-shut off feature, Newly integrated into the product is a single check valve, so the installer no longer needs to purchase this separately. Combimate can be used with any flow through (combination or instantaneous) boiler, including those with aluminium heat exchangers and with any fuel. In fact Cistermiser is the only company offering a free boiler descale guarantee on new installations where the Siliphos spheres are replenished annually. This can be accomplished very easily by either customers or installers.

The use of limescale prevention devices has historically been recommended by boiler manufacturers as part of good installation practice, especially where mains water has 200 parts per million or more of “water hardness”. However this is now a mandatory requirement under Building Regulations Part L and many installers believe it is beneficial to offer their customers water treatment, even where the water is not particularly hard or is perhaps very soft.

Modern high efficiency condensing boilers generally have narrower waterways and thinner heat exchangers than the traditional standard efficiency appliances and also tend to work at higher, more fluctuating temperatures. Therefore their efficiency can be greatly reduced by limescale deposits, as 1mm of limescale on a heat exchanger alone requires 8% more energy to deliver the same output. From this it is easy to see that the reduction in carbon emissions that should result from a high efficiency condensing boiler can be negated without the application of effective water treatment.

In every way it makes good sense to install a limescale prevention device like Combimate. This will avoid the annoyance of installer callbacks to poorly performing boilers and incurring additional customer costs due to premature boiler breakdown caused by limescale blockage or corrosion.

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