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Clearwater launches cost-efficient and sustainable SolidFX chemical dosing system

Posted: Tuesday 14th August 2018

Clearwater Group Ltd has launched SolidFX, its innovative on-site solid chemical water treatment system. SolidFX achieves precise dosing while cutting down on non-recyclable waste. The system facilitates a safer working environment and takes up a smaller footprint.

SolidFX features built-in PTSA tagging and enables round-the-clock real-time dosing control and measurement via a fluorometer probe installed in line, linking back to Clearwater's treatment controller. This prevents under-dosing and over-dosing - both common flaws in conventional proportional controlled systems.

The system's straight-line corrosion inhibitor increases plant longevity by providing 24/7 system protection. This feature enables greater critical system control, advanced data collection and easier upkeep with compliance.

SolidFX units occupy a small footprint, making the system ideal for sites and facilities with compact plant rooms. Multiple units can be mounted in close vicinity to each other, providing a high dosing capacity whilst economising on space.

Compact and lightweight refills require very little space for storage and drive down the carbon footprint by requiring less fuel to transport. These lightweight refills provide a safe solution for high-rise buildings and sites where plant rooms are confined or difficult to access. The compact size and minimal packaging means that a substantial volume of chemicals can be administered from each package with very little plastic waste generated.

SolidFX reduces the health and safety risk, eliminating the requirement to carry large quantities of harmful chemicals in heavy containers that are awkward to manoeuvre. For sites where security is paramount, such as prisons and high-security hospitals, there is less risk when transporting these smaller packages through the site to the plant room.

"We're very excited to bring SolidFX to market," said Gary Sewell, General Manager at Clearwater. "This is an innovative chemical dosing solution that will solve so many problems for sites where plant rooms are small or difficult to navigate to. Businesses implementing SolidFX can operate to greener standards while achieving a higher level of energy efficiency through perfect dosing. SolidFX will also facilitate a safer environment for all on site."

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