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Cleankill® Tackles Resistant Bugs

Posted: Monday 5th June 2006

Many viruses and bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional cleaning and disinfection. The new range of Cleankill® and Viktorhygiene products distributed by Camlab is based on a powerful, broad spectrum virucidal and bactericidal agent with proven effectiveness against such organisms as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Enterococcus.

Several different practical formulations have been developed to handle most disinfection and hand hygiene applications in life science, medical and veterinary laboratories, hospitals and animal houses. Cleankill® and Viktor disinfectants are water-soluble powders that in 1:100 solution are suitable for all hard surfaces, including equipment and instruments for which autoclaving is not suitable. Cleankill® disinfectant is also available as a convenient, ready-to-use Disinfecting Spray.

Cleankill® Foaming Hand Bactericide is an aqueous, user-friendly alternative to alcohol gel wipes that avoids the skin problems often associated with frequent use of alcohol-based hand cleaners, and whose active agents have a residual disinfectant effect after application. Cleankill® Scrub is a versatile hand scrub for cleaning and disinfecting soiled hands. For cleaning up spills, Cleankill® Cleanup is a highly absorbent disinfectant powder for sprinkle application that can absorb up to 300 times its own weight of spilled liquid.

Cleankill® products have been independently tested to BS EN 1276 for their effectiveness against pathogens, and the active ingredient is DEFRA approved for use as a disinfectant. Contact for more information.

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