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City Councils employ Cobras for pipework Protection!

Posted: Thursday 2nd February 2006

Recurring Problems with Sludge build up in old Boiler pipework installations have been solved recently, when Wandsworth Council installed the Filter-less Cobra Cyclone systems to some of its large centralised District heating systems.

The Cobra System dirt separator, incorporating an in-line CRS Dirt Collection unit, was installed to completely remove the build up of Iron Oxide sludge & free limescale particles, which are commonly found in close–circuit installations.

The system was proven to massively reduce the number of Heating breakdowns & call outs, due to heat exchangers blocking, poor heat transfer & Valves continually failing.

The major advantages that the Cobra has over other filter systems or dirt separators are: No Filter media or elements to check or clean / replace

The Cobra cyclones, complete with CRS dirt collection units have now been tested and installed at a number of large City Council housing complexes, including Lambeth, Wandsworth, Chichester & Leicester, where continuous problems associated with Boiler Sludge & solids have been eliminated.

‘When the Cobra CRS dirt collection system is deployed in the installation – you can actually show the customer how much Sludge and solids are continually being pulled out of the Circuit’ says Ian Field – Waterwise Sales Manager.

Indeed, the Hotel industry amongst others have also taken advantage of this technology, to easily protect their heating & Chilled water systems & there are dozens of installations running across the UK within many different types of commercial buildings.

For a very modest investment, huge service cost savings are instantly gained, as the Cobra continuously cleans & protects the Boiler or chilled water installation from Sludge and scale debris, without the need for any further service or maintenance to the unit.

Ian Field
Waterwise Technology Ltd

Tel:01844 215570
Fax: 01844 215590

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