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Chlorine Dioxide: A Different & Safer Approach

Posted: Tuesday 17th December 2019

Most chlorine dioxide generators typically use 2 dosing pumps or peristaltic pumps to add hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite into a reactor to produce a ClO2 solution in the presence of water but not the Lutz-Jesco Easyzon D!

Innovative design really does set the Easyzon D apart from other on-site chlorine dioxide generation systems. Expensive precision dosing pumps with flow monitoring devices, wearable diaphragms and mechanical pressure relief valves are consigned to the past. With very few moving or wearable parts, robust reliability and very low maintenance costs are easily achieved, year after year. Eliminating the risk of accidents arising from pressurised chemical feed lines, the Easyzon D vacuum preparation method provides the highest standard of operator safety available.
With a highly accurate and constantly monitored metering method to dispense the precursor chemicals, hourly, daily or weekly usage data and status reports can be easily checked via smartphone or desktop browser, or sent via email or GSM. In this way the Easyzon D system affords operators and service companies with a new level of detailed reporting; a powerful management and monitoring tool helping to significantly reduce the need for routine and costly chemical audit visits.
To date systems have been supplied, installed and commissioned by partner companies working closely with Lutz-Jesco in hospitals, commercial buildings, nursing homes, a cider factory and a canning plant.
An additional level of safety involves the use of battery driven drum pumps to transfer acid and chlorite from carboys to day tanks. The B1/B2 battery pumps from Lutz-Jesco are totally portable, no cables and the pump drive element can be detached from one pump tube to the other ensuring that there is no cross contamination of chemicals.

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