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Castell improves delivery times and safety rating with new UPS systems interlock

Posted: Thursday 10th May 2012

Multi-voltage and solenoid-controlled KSUPS+ safeguards uninterruptible power supply systems.

Industrial safety specialist Castell Safety International Ltd (, currently celebrating its 90th birthday, has launched a new multi-voltage interlock primarily for use with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The KSUPS+ is a solenoid-controlled trapped key interlock that only permits access to a UPS system once the system has been put into a safe condition.

The KSUPS+ features a number of innovative design improvements, including multi-voltage input. Having a wide voltage input range means that a single device now replaces eight previous devices; the input voltage for the KSUPS+ ranges from 24 V AC or DC to 220 V AC or DC.

As a safety device, the integrity of the KSUPS+ is vital. A monitored solenoid increases the safety performance rating of the KSUPS+, ensuring a higher level of protection for personnel whilst working on UPS systems.

Castell has also reviewed the aesthetics of the KSUPS+. Not only does this improve the look of switchgear cabinets, it also aids operational efficiency and gives a clear indication of where the safety component is located on a panel. Importantly, the KSUPS+ retains the same mounting dimensions as the previous unit and therefore the KSUPS+ can be retrofitted.

Inserting and turning the key operates four pole switch contacts and allows the system to run. The key remains trapped and can only be released when a signal is received by the device and the solenoid is energised. Removing the key switches the contacts to the ‘off’ state, and the key can then be used to open the access interlock.

Simplicity has been at the forefront of the design of the new KSUPS+, as Paul Marks, Castell’s new product development director, explains: “Selecting the old KSUPS meant that customers had to first be sure of the signal voltage for the solenoid, which often led to delays in being able to place the order and selection errors. Removing these issues has been uppermost in our minds when we looked at how to develop the new KSUPS+. The solution we have delivered is multi-voltage. Together with the improved level of safety offered by the solenoid monitoring, and the enhanced look of the unit, we are sure the KSUPS+ will be a very successful product.”

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