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Capital Controls CL1000B Bufferless Chlorine Analyser from Severn Trent Services Helps UK Water Companies Meet Strict Environmental Standards

Posted: Tuesday 16th December 2008

UK water companies increasingly are turning to the Capital Controls® CL1000B bufferless residual chlorine analyser from Severn Trent Services in order to meet European Drinking Water Regulations. Companies including Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, Scottish Water and United Utilities have installed more than 500 of the analysers to date, recognising the benefits of its precise control of the critical components in the measurement of chlorine.

In UK trials of competing chlorine analyser technologies, the CL1000B has consistently performed well. For example, one eight-month trial performed by an independent third party for a water company found the CL1000B able to cope with wide ranging pH fluctuations in water samples when compared to the performance of the other technologies being evaluated.

The CL1000B is the most accurate bufferless analyser on the market. The analyserís bufferless operation removes the growth and odour problems that are often associated with the waste from chlorine instruments. With no buffer, the need to handle chemicals is eliminated and the cost of equipment ownership is reduced.

The amperometric-based CL1000B is designed to continuously analyse free chlorine or other oxidants for water, wastewater and other process water applications using a three-electrode arrangement. This arrangement establishes a constant potential on the working electrode to provide optimum accuracy, excellent stability and sensitivity of one part per billion. The CL1000Bís on-screen instruction and self diagnostics simplify user operation, and the constant, direct-drive electrode cleaning system eliminates the need for frequent instrument recalibration.

Many water companies typically use one triplicated instrument to measure chlorine levels. Severn Trent Services has developed a dual validation concept using a combination of two independent CL1000B analysers and a small control unit to analyse residual levels and gain good output control to promote reliable chlorine control. This dual validation unit has been proven through successful field installation, delivering low operational costs, high accuracy and lower maintenance costs for water companies when compared against the triple validation units typically used in these applications.

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