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Busch’s Mink leads the way with cost savings

Posted: Monday 29th April 2013

Leading vacuum pump and blower manufacturer Busch (UK) Limited is highlighting the benefits of its successful Mink rotary claw range of vacuum and over pressure pumps, which can offer cost savings of up to 60 per cent for some users.

Designed for applications such as plastics manufacturing, wood working, water treatment and printing, Mink offers high efficiency, non-contacting operation with low maintenance. Variable speed control to match pumping speed end pressure and flow to process demand is a key feature of the design which provides flexibility for the user.

Mark Sumnall, UK sales director for Busch (UK) Limited, said: "Our Mink range has proved to be extremely successful as it operates using the tried and tested rotary claw principle and works contact and oil free, which significantly reduces wear and tear.

"Savings can therefore be made in terms of both maintenance and energy consumption. With energy prices seeming to be continuously on the rise and with budgets being squeezed, Mink offers a highly economic choice when selecting vacuum or pressure conveying equipment.

“To demonstrate these savings, we have developed a dedicated comparison microsite where customers can visit and see for themselves the kind of cost savings that can be achieved. Those interested in finding out more can go to”

The Mink series is available with suction capacities of 60 to 500 m³h and provides pressure differentials of up to -0.9 bar (g) vacuum and 2 bar (g) over pressure. Larger volume flows can also be generated by connecting single pumps or compressors in parallel arrangements or using mechanical boosters. It operates with two rotary claws rotating in opposite directions within a cylinder with no contact between either the claws or the casing.

Mark Sumnall explains: "The compression chamber is divided into two parts, the first is an enlarging chamber on the suction side drawing in air which works with a decreasing chamber on the discharge side to compress and discharge the process gas.

"The exact rotation of both claws is carefully controlled by a synchronised drive, but in contrast to Roots blowers, the Mink rotary claw pump works with internal compression."

Mink is driven by three phase motors, which, when used for frequency controlled operation, are equipped with PTC thermistors. It is also air cooled via a separate additional electric fan and has the ability to adapt to the process by speed control which can result in an energy saving or increase of conveying power by up to 20 per cent.

Busch describes the roller bearings as being robust in construction and that the shaft sealing between the compression chamber and the gearbox is effected by labyrinth seals, which means no contamination of the gearbox/seal chamber by process gas is possible.

The Mink is equipped with a number of important accessories as standard. These include suction air filter, vacuum relief valve, non-return valve and exhaust gas silencer for suction conveying.

Mink's pressure conveying features include an inlet silencer combined with a suction air filter, pressure relief valve to protect against overload and a pressure side vessel to enable pulsation reduction and non-return valve.

Busch is the global market leader for vacuum and low pressure pumps for a wide range of applications, including food and packaging, and offers a comprehensive product portfolio. As a pioneer in vacuum packaging, this year (2013) Busch is marking its 50 year anniversary by celebrating half a century of continuous quality, innovation and service to become the premier supplier of vacuum and over pressure equipment.

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