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Axion launches new pipe recycling service

Posted: Wednesday 17th January 2007

Companies with large amounts of waste rigid plastic utility pipe to dispose of can now benefit from a new mobile disposal service launched by plastic recyclers Axion Recycling to encourage greater recycling of this bulky material.

Axion has developed an innovative mobile splitting machine that cuts waste pipe into easily-transportable pieces for recycling, saving suppliers money on its disposal.

Mounted on a small trailer and operated by qualified Axion personnel, the equipment can be taken to site where it cuts large HD or MD polyethylene pipes into planks. Stacked and strapped onto pallets, they are then taken back to Axion’s recycling facility in Salford where the material is shredded and turned into pellets for use in high grade applications, such as building products and electrical conduit.

Axion’s Commercial Director, Roger Morton, says the new service aims to recycle more waste utility pipes, such as those from the gas, water and fish farm industries, which are currently uneconomical and difficult to transport for recycling due to their weight and bulk.

“Cutting the pipes into smaller, stackable sizes first maximises the density of the material, enabling it to be transported far more cost-effectively. Companies have the added benefit of saving on disposal costs for these heavy and bulky items, while the impact on the environment is reduced through not landfilling this waste” he explains.

“We predict this service will be a boon for companies involved in extensive pipe replacement projects where disposing of the waste can prove both expensive and time-consuming,” adds Roger.

The new system also has advantages in terms of quality control because Axion’s staff can carry out any necessary cleaning based upon visual inspection of each individual section of pipe within the factory environment. This ensures a higher quality of the output finished polymer compounds by keeping potential dirt contamination to an absolute minimum.

Axion’s mobile splitting service is available free within reasonable distance to any UK-based company with significant volumes of waste rigid plastic pipes to dispose of. Experienced operatives carry out the mobile splitting service and suppliers are provided with full documentation showing the amount of material collected.

For more information on the mobile pipe splitting service, contact Axion Recycling on 0161 426 7731 or visit the website at

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