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Atlas Copco launches new compressed air filters offering higher efficiency and lower pressure drop

Posted: Thursday 28th November 2013

Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new range of DD+, PD+, DDp+ and PDp+ standard and high pressure filters which enable users to efficiently reduce all types of contamination in their compressed air system and ensure equipment and processes are protected. The innovative design of the filters provide for a pressure drop of half that associated with conventional coalescing or particulate filters, translating into significant energy savings for end users.

In any compressed air system, high filtration efficiency is a pre-requisite for high air quality. With this in mind, Atlas Copco’s filtration competence team invested a significant amount of time to research and develop the new filter range, which provide for maximum contaminant removal and offer significant energy savings thanks to their optimal air flow path with low resistance. The filters’ carefully engineered housing and cartridge, and a unique and highly efficient head design, also ensure minimal pressure drops which enable users to reduce their operational costs.

Other innovative features of the new filters include high performance stainless steel filter cores that ensure durability of the cartridges and drastically reduce the risk of implosion. In addition to this, protection paper avoids direct contact between the filter media and the stainless steel filter core. Meanwhile, new micro-glass fiber filter media and a six layer wrapped construction provide for a high purity filtration and a guaranteed performance over the filter lifetime.

Compared to the previous generation, the pressure drop of the new DD+ and PD+ filters has also been reduced and at the same time oil carry has decreased by more than 20%. The new dust filters also have extremely high particle removal efficiencies of 99,92 % (DDp+) and 99,98 % (PDp+). As Evi Bultinck, Filter Media Specialist at Atlas Copco Airpower explains: “The filters are now fully certified according to ISO standards by notified bodies, both in-house as well as in external labs. This third party certification ensures our customers are provided with the air quality they require. On top of that, the new Atlas Copco filters provide substantial energy savings.”

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