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Asset collaborate with Simona UK on anti-slip flooring for LiteSpeed CSOs

Posted: Monday 15th January 2007

A new safety development for HDPE Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) has been devised via a partner project between Asset International Ltd and Simona UK.

An anti-slip flooring material has been produced by Simona UK, to Asset International’s specifications, for use in it’s CSOs. Welded to the floor of the tanks, the anti-slip nature of the product, can significantly reduce the risk of falls and injuries caused by slips.

To further reduce the risk of injury within the tanks, Asset also requested that the material be produced with high visibility in mind. Simona responded by manufacturing the product from a bright yellow HDPE base material, reducing the risk of trips caused by reduced vision.

“For installers and maintenance crew who are normally required to operate in dark CSO chambers, the presence of yellow flooring on prescribed walkways will reflect any light, and can significantly reduce the risk of trips,” advised Simon Thomas, Asset International Managing Director.

Manufacturer Asset International offered the challenge of designing the safety flooring for it’s LiteSpeed CSOs, to Simona UK, following a period of product development focussed on improving access and safety features.

Asset partners with the plastics manufacturer on a regular basis and was confident that Simona could create an anti-slip solution that would be durable, practical and also highly visible.

“The prototype of the product was always available in black, which has limited it’s application,” said Thomas. “We were looking for a material, primarily for the water industry, which would be the right texture, chemically resistant, would increase visibility in the dark, and could also be welded into our tanks”

“The product will allow significantly safer access in CSO tanks for maintenance, for example when engineers are called in to maintain screens and filters.”

Philip Eliades, Managing Director of Simona UK advises, “We consistently work alongside Asset in improving product performance, access and safety, and understand the importance of designing a product that meets all of their needs. The possibilities for the longer term usage of the product, across other applications, are currently being explored.”

The product has been rigorously tested at Simona’s German factory prior to use and has already been installed in a LiteSpeed CSO project for Welsh Water in West Wales.

“The application of the new flooring in our tanks will have a significant impact on the long-term safety and accessibility for maintenance teams” added Mr Thomas. “Asset is committed to ensuring that our products are flexible and durable enough to meet customer demands.”

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