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Analytical Technology Launches Water Quality Panel for Continuous Online Monitoring of Drinking Water

Posted: Tuesday 16th December 2008

Applications in Network Monitoring and Protection of Supply.

Specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology (ATi) announces the availability of its innovative Q45WQ Water Quality Panel. This flexible system allows constant on-line monitoring of any remaining disinfectant and up to 6 other parameters in water distribution systems and moveable water treatment facilities. Without the need for expensive chemicals, reagents or buffers, the Q45WQ Water Quality Panel can be used to identify possible contaminants in the water supply, providing reliable measurements of finished water quality. A free of charge datasheet can be found at

Disinfection of water is a major public health concern and it is essential to reinforce protection against microbial contaminants. In Europe, strict regulations have been employed by the Brussels Commission to limit the amount of micro-organisms and chemical substances permitted in water. The Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) adopted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also regulates turbidity performance criteria and monitoring requirements. Analytical Technology’s Q45WQ Water Quality Panel ensures that levels of disinfectant are in compliance with these legislations.

Many water companies have concerns about the possibility of deliberate contamination of the water supply. Work carried out by the US EPA (reference and report available on request) has shown that simultaneous monitoring of common ater quality parameters can be used to ‘fingerprint’ a water supply. Many common toxic contaminants cause spikes in the data from monitors such as conductivity, pH, ORP, chlorine etc.

This new panel is capable of monitoring a number of these key parameters. A reagentless monitor measures residual chlorine. An LED or white light based turbidity monitor can cover ranges form 0-0.4NTU all the way up to 4000 NTU. The sensor is stable, offering self-adjusting electronic zero to monitor turbidity with an extensive range. Conductivity is measured by a 4 electrode sensors to cover a wide conductivity range of measurement without the need for multiple sensors. The Q45WQ Water Quality Panel is capable of offering particle count data ranges from 2-400 microns. It also can provide pH data ranges from 0-14 and ORP data between-1000 to +2000 mV.. A single combination ion selective electrode is used to measure fluoride ranges from 1000 PPM down to 0.1 PPM. Meanwhile, a rebuildable cartridge style membraned sensor is applied to measure dissolved oxygen ranges from 0-20 PPM. In addition, the panel can monitor the level of inlet pressure from 0 to 200 PSIG and sample flow rate between 0-30 GPH.

The panel can be used to monitor all the vital water quality parameters in a single easy to fit unit.

For more information on Analytical Technology’s complete range of water and gas instrumentation, please call +44 (0)1457 832800, e-mail

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