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Analytical Technology Launches Portable Monitor for Fast and Effective On-Line Measurements of Chlorine in Water

Posted: Tuesday 4th November 2008

Analytical Technology announces the availability of the new portable Q45H/62 Residual Chlorine Monitor. The innovative battery-powered monitor allows on-line control of chlorination systems without the use of reagents or mains power and enables installation directly into water and wastewater networks. The Q45H/62 monitor from Analytical Technology is available in two versions: a free chlorine monitor for drinking and cooling water systems and a combined chlorine monitor ideally suited for chloraminated drinking water. A free of charge datasheet is available at

The new portable Q45H/62 monitor can be installed close to point of use, allowing precise measurement of chlorine levels. Unlike traditional colorimetric and most amperometric monitors, Analytical Technology’s battery-powered Q45H/62 system utilises a membrane-covered polarographic sensor which does not require the addition of chemical reagents. The sensor contained in the new portable chlorine monitor has a response time of up to 10 times higher than that of conventional sensors, enabling the monitor to carry out reagent-free chlorine measurements for most pH values found in the UK water industry. For applications with variable pH values, the new portable monitor has an optional pH compensation feature to eliminate free chlorine error caused by process pH drift. When the correct sensor is used, there is an extended response to chlorine at high pH levels, allowing pH correction to be employed over a much wider range.

The long-life battery contained in the monitor enables implementation even where no external power is available, meaning that it is ideally suited for water survey measurements and network monitoring. Easy to install, the portable monitor requires no additional plumbing and is provided in a shock-proof, water-resistant casing. The monitor is complete with quick release push fittings and self sealing valves. This means that the monitor is easy to install and keeps the sensor wetted when not in use.

The monitor is available with two data logging options. The simplest option is a logger that downloads data to a laptop or PC via a cable. Analytical Technology also offers data logging via a GSM system which uploads data to a secure web site for download from anywhere with an internet connection.

For more information on the new portable Q45H/62 Residual Chlorine Monitor from Analytical Technology or for a complimentary datasheet, please call +44 (0)1457 832800, e-mail or visit

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