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Analytical Technology Launches New Optical Version of the Q45D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor with Auto-Clean System

Posted: Wednesday 28th January 2009

Specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology announces the launch of the new optical version of the Q45D Dissolved Oxygen Monitor. This innovative new sensor monitor represents an advance in dissolved oxygen measurement, providing reliable results and lowering maintenance costs. Now, Analytical Technology’s Q45D monitor offers two measurement technologies combined with Analytical Technology’s field proven Auto-Clean system. This ensures, accurate and reliable results even in waste water applications.

Recognising that customers have diverse measuring requirements, Analytical Technology is offering the new Q45D dissolved oxygen monitor with a selection of sensors. The traditional galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor uses a rugged 5 ml Teflon membrane to resist mechanical abrasions and tears. The membrane serves as a barrier to allow molecular oxygen to diffuse into the reaction cell where it is reduced at the working electrode. This reaction produces a small current which is proportional to oxygen concentration. The optical system uses the fluorescence quenching technique to measure dissolved oxygen.

Both galvanic and optical sensors can suffer from reduced reliability due to water quality. The biggest issue with any dissolved oxygen sensor when used in waste water is sensor fouling. In these environments, maintenance time and cost, are significant factors in the running costs of the monitor. Much more importantly a sensor that is fouled will give incorrect readings and will cause the aeration system to over aerate, this leads to a massive over use of energy. (Studies indicate 12-15% per ppm error in dissolved oxygen)

In order to keep the dissolved oxygen system nearly maintenance-free, Analytical Technology’s unique fully integrated air blast Auto-Clean system is incorporated into the monitor to remove materials that build up on the sensor membrane. The cleaning cycle is user-selectable to maximise the cleaning effectiveness.

Dr Mike Strahand, General Manager of Analytical Technology comments, “The Q45D dissolved oxygen monitor is designed to provide reliable oxygen measurement and reduce maintenance costs whatever the sensor technology. When sensor maintenance is required it is simply a question of a quick membrane change or a quick optical sensor change. Analytical Technology offers the flexibility of a choice of sensor to suit varying applications, both with our Auto-Clean system which ensures that the sensor is not affected by fouling.”

For more information on Analytical Technology’s complete range of water and gas instrumentation, please call +44 (0)1457 832800, e-mail

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