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Analytical Technology Improves Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring in Wet Conditions with Q45S Gas Detector

Posted: Tuesday 29th July 2008

Analytical Technology Inc. has introduced its innovative Q45S H2S Gas Monitor, a continuous and reliable approach to on-line hydrogen sulphide (H2S) monitoring in wet conditions.

The Q45S marks the first gas monitor introduced to the UK market from Analytical Technology, who have successfully become the defacto supplier of water monitors to the UK and Europe, backed by exemplary customer support. Continuous monitoring of hydrogen sulphide in both inlet and discharge air has presented problems for standard sulphide gas sensors. Analytical Technology has developed this ground-breaking sensor technology that now allows continuous monitoring in this type of application, where condensing humidity conditions are normal. The Q45S system utilises a sensor designed to operate in condensing gas streams without the water vapour blinding, which can be typical of standard sulphide sensors.

The use of scrubber systems is often required for odour control in wastewater treatment plants and sewage collection systems. A wet process using hypochlorite solution to remove H2S from air streams prior to discharge is often employed. Analytical Technology’s Q45S odour monitoring system employs a wet H2S sensor and measurements can be made either at the inlet to scrubber systems or at the outlet. For duct insertion and flowcell use, special sensor configurations are available.

The Q45S system from Analytical Technology is capable of monitoring H2S in gas streams with condensing levels of water vapour, as water droplets that could present a barrier to the diffusion of H2S are eliminated from the sensor. An automatic system for purging accumulated droplet water from the face of the sensor ensures long-term operation without loss of sulphides in condensed water. Additionally, an optional air-purge system controlled by the transmitter periodically delivers a blast of air across critical sensor surfaces to remove water droplets. The Q45S system ensures a clear gas diffusion path to the sensor and reliable measurements on a continuous basis.

A special battery-powered version of the Q45S is available for use in temporary installations and data is easily downloaded to a standard PC using software supplied with the unit. This system runs on an internal nine volt battery which will operate the unit for four days, while a nine volt lithium battery will provide about 10 days of operation.

The Q45S monitor from Analytical Technology operates within a weather-proof Nema 4X enclosure, designed for operation in typical wastewater treatment plant environments. In addition, the gas monitor electronic assembly is CSA/UL certified and has been checked against the strict European standard EC guideline ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for hazardous areas.

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