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Amiad launches the Spin Klin™ Nova filtration system

Posted: Tuesday 30th March 2021

New, advanced water filtration solution that offers industry-leading filtration efficiency, a cloud-based real-time controller and configuration flexibility to meet customer needs.

Amiad=, a leading global producer of water treatment and filtration solutions, announces the launch of the Spin Klin™ Nova, an innovative disc filtration system. This cutting-edge solution, which is the culmination of years of R&D work, is the Company’s most efficient product to date. It includes multiple new features that are designed to make it as adaptable as possible to the needs of the customer while increasing ease of use.

The Spin Klin™ Nova is available now in Israel and will be released globally later this month. It will be exclusively distributed for the irrigation market worldwide by Netafim, the global leader in precision irrigation solutions, under the name AlphaDisc™. This forms part of the five-year global distribution agreement between Amiad and Netafim, as announced on 16 June 2020. The Company is marketing and selling the Spin Klin™ Nova directly in Israel.

This new solution, which is the Company’s latest product in its Spin Klin™ line of disc filters, offers greater filtration efficiency and can process larger volumes of water per hour with a smaller system footprint than Amiad’s existing products and, the Company believes, than competing solutions available in the market today. It has also been designed to allow flexibility and adaptability of configuration to suit the potentially changing needs of the customer. It achieves this by offering up to 80% lower head loss, twice the dirt holding capacity and higher flows per filtration unit. The product can be easily extended and can triple the filtration area of the filter without replacing the filter backbone, as well as flexible inlet and outlet ports that accommodate any installation configuration. In addition, it includes new ease-of-use features, such as imprinting maintenance instructions on the filter.

To complete the offering, Amiad has equipped Spin Klin™ Nova with its latest smart controller: the ADI-X. Following the success of the ADI-P controller, the ADI-X has been enhanced to enable cloud communication, which provides real-time access to data and the ability to control the filter performance regardless of the end user location. In addition, the ADI-X, which is accessed through a dedicated app that is available on any smartphone or PC, has been upgraded to be able to control up to 12 filtration elements (compared with two for the ADI-P).

Dori Ivzori, CEO of Amiad, said: “The release of the Spin Klin™ Nova proves, once again, we are the Masters of Filtration. This new state-of-the-art system, which is built on the vast knowledge and experience of both our customers and engineers, brings true innovation to the market and it is set to redefine water filtration by offering industry-leading efficiency levels combined with the flexibility to adapt to clients’ needs as they grow. We have also incorporated new user-oriented design features as well as our enhanced smart controller, the ADI-X, which will greatly improve ease-of-use. With the strong backing of Netafim, we believe that this product can become the standard for irrigation filtration systems of the future.”

The Spin Klin™ Nova filtration system is offered in single, duo and trio configurations, to cater for max flow rates of 50-330 m3/h.

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