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ALMSCO International Unveils New BenchTOF-dx™Mass Spectrometer Offering Up to 100x Improved Sensitivity

Posted: Tuesday 9th March 2010

ALMSCO International showcased its new state-of-the-art BenchTOF-dx™ mass spectrometer for the first time at PITTCON 2010. Unlike conventional technology, the new compact reflectron time-of-flight (TOF) instrument is specifically designed to generate truly classical electron impact ionization (EI) spectra for gas chromatography (GC) and comprehensive GCxGC applications.

The BenchTOF-dx enhances the benefits of standard TOF mass spectrometers, making it perfect for historically challenging compounds. The instrument’s breakthrough capability to generate classical spectra enables laboratories with proprietary spectral libraries to harness the performance benefits of TOF mass spectrometry while maintaining the use of their current library system.

Incorporating new groundbreaking ion optics and electronics the BenchTOF-dx delivers full spectral information at sensitivity normally only associated with the best Quadrupoles running in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode. The rugged, low-cost, design means frequency of routine mass tuning and calibration are superior to those of standard Quadrupole systems.

BenchTOF-dx is directly compatible with industry-leading GC analytical systems. This platform-neutral instrument has been designed to easily integrate into popular mass spectrometry data analysis platforms and interface with most GC systems. This additional advantage removes the steep learning curve often associated with the implementation of a new mass spectrometry system, enabling immediate productivity improvements.

With a selectable spectral acquisition rate that exceeds 500 spectra per second, there are no GC or GCxGC separations that the system cannot accommodate. The new BenchTOF-dx is accompanied by sophisticated target search software incorporating deconvolution and chemometric analysis to facilitate rapid screening of known compounds at trace levels.

In addition to unveiling the new BenchTOF-dx mass spectrometer at PITTCON 2010, ALMSCO International will be presenting a series of informative technology posters. Topics will include ‘Introducing a New Advanced Data Processing Software for Mass Spectrometry Employing Dynamic Background Compensation, Spectral Deconvolution and Chemometric Data Analysis’ and ‘The Analysis of Complex Fragrance Samples Using a New High Sensitivity Bench Top Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer, Incorporating Online Dynamic Background Compensation, and Chemometric Data Analysis’. For a schedule of ALMSCO’s poster presentations, please email

For more information on the ALMSCO range of products, please visit booth 1806/1807, at PITTCON 2010. Alternatively, please visit, email or phone +44 (0)1443 233920.

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