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ABB WaterMaster flowmeter gets MCERTS approval

Posted: Monday 26th January 2009

ABB has achieved MCERTS certification to the highest performance level for its WaterMaster flowmeter for water and waste water treatment applications. Awarded by Sira, which operates the MCERTS scheme on behalf of the Environment Agency, the certificate recognises the WaterMaster’s suitability for use in effluent flow self-monitoring applications under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR – previously PPC).

Launched earlier this year, the WaterMaster is one of the first flowmeters to be awarded a Class 1 MCERTS conformity certificate for closed pipe flow measurement.

The Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) is designed to ensure that potential polluters are monitoring their emissions in line with the EPR requirements and are supplying the Environment Agency (EA) with reliable data.

Under theEPRrequirements, industrial operators discharging effluent to rivers, small watercourses or the sea must monitor the volume of effluent they discharge. To ensure correct and consistent measurement, the MCERTS standard covers flowmeters making measurements of volumetric flow-rate or total volume passed in closed pressurised pipe, partially filled pipes and open channels.

The standard sets a measurement accuracy limit of ±8% for effluent self-monitoring, which can be difficult to achieve in an open channel system, weir or flume with level measurement. As an MCERTified product, the WaterMaster now represents Best Available Technique (BAT) for closed pipe flow systems, enabling users to achieve accuracies down to just 1%.

To achieve the certificate, ABB has had to fully demonstrate the performance of the WaterMaster in both laboratory and field tests to ensure that it can deliver accurate measurement in its intended applications. ABB also had to demonstrate its ability to maintain the standard throughout production and control the impact of any future design changes.

“ABB has long been a supporter of the MCERTS scheme, having achieved the first ever MCERTS product approval certificate for its ZFG2/ZDT zirconia oxygen analyser system in 1999,” says Tony Hoyle, Flow Products manager for ABB’s UK instrumentation business. “We are delighted to again be at the forefront and be one of the first to offer an MCERTified electromagnetic flowmeter for closed pipe flow measurements.”

Commenting on the importance of the MCERTS scheme, Environment Agency Chief Executive Dr Paul Leinster says, “The Environment Agency is committed to protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales and our Monitoring Certification Scheme, MCERTS, helps us to achieve this by giving us confidence in monitoring data provided by operators. It makes clear what we expect, whether monitoring emissions to air, discharges to water or analysing soils. MCERTS is already mandatory as a condition in many of the permits we issue and will be extended to others in the future.”

The WaterMaster flow meter range brings a host of advanced features and functionality, including superior measurement capabilities, enabling users to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitability. Key features and benefits include:

ABB Engineering Services has a team of EPR (PPC) consultants able to advise and assist with EPR permit applications and management advice. Further support is offered by ABB’s Service instrumentation engineers, who can perform MCERTS QMS (MS) verifications and provide operators with effluent flow meter commissioning and installation advice.

For more information about the WaterMaster, email ref. ‘WaterMaster’ or call 0870 600 6122. More information about the MCERTS scheme can be found at

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