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ABB supports water industry with new flow meter service

Posted: Tuesday 27th January 2009

ABB has launched a range of in-situ services aimed at ensuring the continued accuracy of its flow meters throughout their service life. Delivered through ABB’s network of instrumentation service engineers, these services help water utilities achieve savings in repair maintenance plans by eliminating the time and cost of removing flow sensors for testing.

ABB offers a full range of flow services based around its CalMaster2 suite of field validation and in-situ verification tools, encompassing everything from flow meter validation and verification through to repair and replacement.

Flow meter validation

The accuracy of any flow meter system relies on correct installation and configuration. Failure to ensure this at the initial commissioning stage can lead to long-term costs and operational issues due to inaccurate measurement or wrongly installed equipment. With tightening environmental legislation, it is also increasingly necessary for operators to have proof that their flow meters have been installed correctly.

ABB offers a flow meter validation service for its MagMaster, AquaMaster and insertion-type AquaProbe flow meters. An ABB engineer using CalMaster’s CheckMaster test equipment will validate the accuracy of an installation. Customers will then be provided with a certificate as proof of validation which can be used as evidence of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Flow meter verification

Flow meters need to be periodically checked to ensure they are giving accurate readings and remain compliant with regulatory standards. However, taking them off line to verify performance is expensive and time consuming.

ABB’s flow meter verification service avoids this by enabling flow meters to be verified on-site. Using ABB’s standalone battery-powered CalMaster2 Intelligent Recognition Information System (IRIS) test device, an ABB engineer can perform in-situ verification of ABB’s mains and battery powered flow meters. This device can be used to check the meter’s operational status and also to predict future faults.

Data from the device can be provided by the ABB engineer in the form of a conformance report, stating whether the installed meters have passed the tests or whether any faults have occurred which need to be rectified.

Flow meter fingerprint verification

Factory fingerprinting of flow meters as proof of their calibration accuracy can provide a point of reference for all subsequent on-site verification visits. However, it is not always specified by customers at the time of purchase. For customers requiring subsequent fingerprinting for quality assurance or regulatory compliance, ABB offers an in-situ fingerprint service, with users issued with a verification certificate to ±1%.

3rd party flow meter verification

ABB delivers flow meter verification services for non-ABB manufactured flow meters using a range of cutting edge technologies.. This service, delivered and backed by the skills and experience of ABB’s service team, is designed to provide water and wastewater industry providers with confidence in measurement.

Repair and replacement

In the event of failure of either the flow transmitter electronics or the flow sensor, ABB can help ensure minimum disruption caused by the flow meter being offline. The new WaterMaster flow meter, for example, has a sensor memory function built into both its flow sensor and transmitter. Containing all the data for the application, the sensor memory means that when a new transmitter or sensor is fitted, it can be immediately put into operation, minimising the amount of downtime needed for replacement.

“The ability to have flow meters checked and verified in-situ is a big bonus for water operators, particularly with the introduction of legislation such as the PPC Regulations which require constant monitoring of effluent flows and immediate notification to the Environment Agency if anything goes wrong,” says Neil Ritchie, service manager for ABB’s instrumentation and drives, ABB can help water operators be confident that they are complying with the regulatory requirements”.

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